Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Year With Thomas Merton - August 28

I Must Lead a New Life

Always very fine ideas in Romano Guardini on Providence.

For instance, that the will of God is not a “fate” to which we submit, but a creative act in our life producing something absolutely new (or failing to do so), something hitherto unforeseen by the laws and established patterns. Our cooperation (seeking first the Kingdom of God) consists not solely in conforming to laws, but in opening our wills out to this creative act, which must be retrieved in and by us—by the will of God.

This is my big aim—to put everything else aside. I do not want to create merely for and by myself a new life and a new world, but I want God to create them in and through me. This is central and fundamental—and with this one can never be a mere Marxian communist.

I must lead a new life and a new world must come into being. But not by my plans and my agitation.

August 3, 1958, III.211

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