Saturday, September 10, 2011

A Year With Thomas Merton - August 27

A Blessed Shipwreck in God's Simplicity
I copy out the sentences from Dom Porion's letter, which I spoke of the other day. Speaking of his book on the Holy Trinity--so simple, so deep and so comprehensive--he says:

"It turns out, furthermore, that my book's atmosphere is, of course, no longer my own. I would like my life to be one of continual looking at God, seizing what he is in pure silence. In this light-filled serenity a person could forever experience a blessed shipwreck."
How I sympathize with that sentence! No matter how simple discourse may be, it is never simple enough. No matter how simple thought may be, it is never simple enough. The only thing left is the simplicity of the soul in God or, better, the simplicity of God.

August 12, 1949, II.353-54

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