Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Evelyn Underhill, Mysticism - 19a (19 shall remain unpublished)

p. 87: [Nativity - Eternal Birth of the Divine Word]: ECKHART: "When the soul brings forth the Son, it is happier than Mary." Love this image. As I read Mysticism, I am realizing how primary the Incarnation is in my faith life.

p. 88: "If you would truly know how these things come to pass," says St. Bonaventura,..."ask it of grace, not of doctrine; of desire, not of intellect; of the ardours of prayer, not the teachings of the schools; of the Bridegroom, not of the Master; of God, not of man; of the darkness, not of the day; not of illumination, but of that Fire which enflames all and wraps us in God with great sweetness and most ardent love. The which Fire most truly is God, and the hearth thereof is in Jerusalem." It is, after all, about a relationship, and one doesn't get to know the beloved by reading books or sets of instruction.

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