Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Year With Thomas Merton - July 3

Live in the Present and Where You Are

It is certain that Gethsemani is God’s work. Who shall ever be able to say how much depends and has depended in the past on the prayers and sufferings of the men of this house? I am convinced that the fate of America is tied up with the fate of Gethsemani and her foundations. This obscure unit is tremendously important to the whole Church of God.

Can I love God and love the Church if I despise Gethsemani?

What am I heading for? Where am I going? The answer to that one is: I don’t need to know. All these troubles come from mistrusting the love of God. Shall I start asking myself all those same old questions all over again? God knows what He wants to do with me. Rest in His tremendous love—to know the savor and sweetness of God’s love expressed from moment to moment in all the contacts between Him and your soul—from outside in events, in His signified will and will of good pleasure, from within myself by the flow of actual graces. Rest in that union. It will feed you, fill you with life. There is nothing else you need. He will show you the way to increase it, and, if necessary, He will lead you into perfect solitude in His own good time. Leave it all to Him. Live in the present.

July 3 and 6, 1947, II.89-90

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